History of SPRAINNOV

Launched through a Joint venture in 2008 between SPRAI young spin-off company specialized in aerosols and INNOV'IA an innovative company created in 1998, specializing in spray drying and services.

Major patented innovations have led to international patent filing on new methods of manufacturing controlled particle size.

In 2011, INNOV'IA creative engineers took over the capital during the sale of INNOVIA's operating part while retaining the partnership with the two companies that created SPRAINNOV. The activity is managed by Pierre BUISSON.


Crane installation - Cyclone



Conception installation - AROC

The service as value :

After studying your request, a team of engineers and expert technicians will propose the optimal solution.

If necessary, we carry out tests on SPRAINNOV equipment on IDCAPS, the INNOVIA Research and Development Center.



SPRAINNOV brings to industrials :

An innovative and reliable response to their spray dryer needs by providing complete turnkey facilities.

Allowing the production of microcapsule powders with controlled granulometry of an evaporative capacity of 1 kg / h to 300 kg / h.

Installation - Bottom of the spray dryer