SPRAINNOV's services are based on three specific and complementary axis :

Conseil et audit




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Our team of experts offers you the following services :

  • Air flow audit
  • Thermal balance
  • Plant audit

To optimize the performance and control of your workshops for ensuring optimum quality and productivity.

Service delivery - Audit



Service delivery - Engineering

SPRAINNOV brings you its expertise, its support for your projects of new installations or revamping of workshops in the field of spray drying.

In this customized and modular study, we cover the following phases of your project :

  1. Customer specification analysis
  2. Technical study
  3. Purchase equipment
  4. Follow-up Installation / Reassembly
  5. Pre-commissioning
  6. Commissioning
  7. Training

Our company provides you with a solution, coupling the setup and control of a "tailor-made" plant with the guarantee to produce to your desired outputs your finished product to the specifications.



We also offer the sale of complete equipment and / or processes :

  • Spraying System & Operating License: SPRAINNOV Disk

Our patented technology can fit perfectly in with your existing or future installations in order to boost your efficiency and control the physical characteristics of your powders.

  • Drying Towers - Drop Size Dryers

Through our range of "standardized" towers, we meet your need for "semi-large" spray drying plants with water evaporation capacities from 15kg / h to 100kg / h. These installations are delivered key in hand.

Sale of equipement and processes