The patented SPRAINNOV technology is a strong competitive advantage.

This process relies on the design of materials allowing to perfectly control the size of the particles, thus making them more efficient without any comparison with the competition.

Pantented disc SPRAINNOV



Single-scattered beads

Advantages to competition :

Indeed, by integrating the disc in spray dryers, SPRAINNOV has made the process more robust and viable on the following points:

  • More profitable with very significant gains on committed materials above 97%.
  • More economical and environmentally friendly without fines.
  • Less energy-consuming following the installation of energy recovery tools (optional).

This makes the technology more attractive for companies wishing to acquire this type of equipment.



SPRAINNOV technology

The equipment presented makes it possible to manufacture solid particles resulting from the drying or prilling by nebulization with the best performances of the market. Solution providing a span * of less than 1 for the production of these powders with controlled sizes.

SPRAINNOV signs nebulizing liquids through this process a new generation of particle size mono dispersed or poly dispersed particles.

*Span is 2½ times the standard deviation which measures the dispersion of particle size distribution

Homogeneity of particle size